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Home & School Association Memorandum and Association and By-Laws for West Royalty School

Memorandum of Association 

Article 1.     Name
      The name of the organization shall be West Royalty Home & School Association, hereafter to be referred to as "the Association".  West Royalty School shall be referred to as "the school".  

Article 2.     Aims and Objectives 

  • To obtain the best for each child in Prince Edward Island.
  • To promote the welfare of all children and youth in this province.
  • To foster cooperation between parents and teachers, so that every Island child may grow to his or her full potential.
  • To give parents an understanding of the school and its administration. 
  • To be informed, constructive partners with educators.
  • To promote high standards of well being in each child's life.
  • To promote the care and protection of children and youth.
  • To promote affiliations with any organizations which concern themselves with the care and development of children and youth, in the home, school and community. 
  • To obtain the best for each child according to his or her physical, mental, social and spiritual needs.
  •  To foster high ideals of citizenship and to promote through educational means, international goodwill and peace.
Article 1:     Policies

1.1     The policies of the Association shall be educational.
1.2     The policies of the Association shall be non-commercial, non-political, and non-sectarian. 

Article 2:     Banking & Cheques

2.1     The Association shall open a bank account with a registered financial institution           selected  by the Association Executive.
2.2     Cheques of the Association bank account shall be signed by two(2) of the following three(3) people:  The President, the Vice President, the Treasurer and co-chairs to the  The President, the Vice President, the Treasurer when applicable.
 Article 3:     Membership & Fees

3.1     Active membership shall be open to all parents/guardians of students attending the school.
3.2     Associate membership (non-voting) shall be open to those members of the community who subscribe to the aims of objectives of the Association and who are not eligible for active membership as defined in section 3.1 3.3     Persons may be admitted into the Association at any time during the school year. 3.4     Privileges of Membership include:
  1.  To elect officers yearly.
  2.  To amend the bylaws.
  3.  To present proposals and suggestions to the association.
  4.   To share in the decision-making of Association business.
  5. to receive reports of the Executive Committee and other Association Committees (e.g. Newsletters).
  6. to vote on expenditures of Association funds.
3.5      Membership fees in the Provincial Federation shall be submitted annually by November 30 of the school year, as per the PEI Home & School Federation membership formula.

Article 4:     The Executive Committee

4.1     the Officers of the Association will be comprised of:
  • President (1 vote in the event of a tie)
  • Vice President (1 vote)
  • Treasurer (1 vote)
  • Secretary/Blog Manager (1 vote) 
Co-chair will not vote unless the chair is absent
4.2     A majority of the Officers of the Association shall be parent members.
4.3     the Officers of the Association shall serve as the Executive Committee of the                               Association.

Article 5:     Functions of the Executive Committee

     The Executive Committee of the Association shall be responsible for:

5.1     The management of the Association and its affairs.
5.2      The establishment of ad hoc committees as need arises.

Article 6:     Terms of Office

6.1     The term of office for all officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be for one year.
6.2     Officers and members of the Executive Committee are eligible for re-election to their position for a second and third successive year but shall not be eligible to the same position for mare than three consecutive years unless the positions are considered vacant.
6.3    The term of office shall be from September 1 to August 31.
6.4     If an executive member is absent for more than two consecutive, scheduled executive meetings without good cause and without prior notification to the President or secretary, than that office maybe considered vacant by a majority vote of the executive. 

Article 7:     Election of the Executive 

7.1     The Executive may appoint a Nomination Committee by March 31st of each year.
7.2      The Nomination committee shall consist of the Past President of the Association (chair person) and two additional members of the Association.
7.3     The Nomination Committee shall present it's nomination for the  various positions to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
7.4     Nomination shall also be called for and may be made from the floor of the Annual General Meeting.  If a person if nominated who is not present the meeting,  his or her consent to be nominated shall be presented to the Chairperson of the Nominations Committee.
7.5     Election of the officers shall be by secret ballot decided by a simple majority (50% plus 1) of votes cast.  
7.6      Interim Elections:
  1.    In the case of a vacancy occurring,  The Executive shall:
    1. notify the Association membership of the vacant position(s)
    2. call for nominations for the open positions and
    3. hold and interim election at the next appropriate General Meeting or defer the election until the Annual General Meeting.  
  2.     Should no nomination come forward for the vacant executive position(s), the executive has the power to elect any active member of the Association to fill such vacancy for the remainder of the term of the executive member whose vacancy is being filled or defer the election until the Annual General Meeting.
  3.     The nominee elected fills the remainder of the term vacated.
  4.      In the case of a vacancy and no other eligible member of the Association is nominated or has accepted to fill the vacancy,  the duties of that office are distributed evenly among the remaining executive members.  
Article 8:     Meetings/Voting

8.1     The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held prior to the closure of the school academic term.
8.2     There shall be a minimum of three(3) General Meetings of the membership conducted per year including the Annual General Meeting.
8.3     The Executive may call Special General Meetings of the Association at any time. 
8.4     A quorum of five(5)  shall be required at a General Meeting to pass any motions with a minimum one(1) being a non-executive member. 
8.5     Decisions shall be based on a simple majority (50% plus 1) vote of the membership. 

Article 9:     Duties of the Officers 
9.1     The President shall:
  1. Chair all meetings of the Association and Executive.
  2. Decide on all questions of procedure and order not covered by the Constitution & By-laws.
  3. Supervise the general management of the affairs of the Association. 
  4. Perform duties incidental to the office. 
  5. Serve as "Ex-Officio" member of all committees except the Nomination Committee.
  6. Be the primary liaison between the school administration and the parent association. 
  7. Be the official spokesperson for the Association. 
9.2     The Vice-President shall:
  1. In the absence of the President, preside as the chairperson at all meetings of the Association and Executive. 
  2. Perform the duties of the President during his.her absence. 
  3. Be the liaison between the school webmaster and the Home and School Newsletter Committee.
  4. Perform duties assigned by the President or by the Executive. 
  5. Assume the office of President should the President be unable to complete his or her term of office. 
9.3     The Treasurer shall:
  1. Receive and hold all monies of the Association. 
  2. Keep an accurate record of the all receipts and disbursements.
  3. Pay out such monies as voted upon in the budget at the Annual General Meeting. 
  4. Have the books of account balanced as of September 1st of each year. 
  5. Prepare for approval by the Executive Committee, a new budget for the school academic term (Sept 30th). 
  6. Prepare statements of disbursements for the Executive Committee on a monthly basis. 
  7. Prepare for approval at the Annual General Meeting a complete statement of receipts and disbursements during the fiscal year of the Association. 
  8. Prepare with the assistance of the Executive Committee a budget to be approved at the Annual General Meeting. 
9.4     the Secretary shall:
  1. Keep a written record of the proceedings and attendance at all meetings of the Association and process said records for distribution or presentation. 
  2. forward minutes of meetings in electronic format to the school webmaster for posting on the school website. 
  3. Perform duties assigned by the President or by the Executive. 
Article 10:     AD-HOC Committees    
10.1      Ad-hoc Committees shall:
  1. Be established for each school event lead by the Association.
  2. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of each event.
  3. Be responsible for administration of the budget assigned to that event.
10.2     All Ad-hoc Committees will be chaired /co-chaired by an active member (Article 3.1) who does not already hold an executive position. 
10.3     the Chairperson of each Ad-hoc Committee shall be responsible for leading, coordinating, and including all interested active and associate members in the planning and delivery of tasks related to the event.  
10.4     Should a Chairperson be absent, an Executive committee member bay be asked to provide support and guidance to the Ad-hoc Committee. 
Article 11:     Finances 
11.1     The fiscal year of the Association shall be September 1 to August 31. 
11.2     The Executive shall have the power to expend the funds of the Association in accordance with the objectives of the Association and the agreement (i.e. proposed budget, and motions recorded in minutes) of the general membership.   
11.3     The Treasurer and one of the other two signing officers shall sign all cheques. 
11.4      No cheques shall be dispersed without prior notification and approval by the President and/or receipt of service. 
11.5     The Executive shall have the authority to approve up to $500.00 per item on a non-recurring basis for requests  that occur outside of the approved budget and throughout the fiscal year. 
11.6     Receipts must be provided for all expenses incurred. 
11.7     the President will arrange for the financial records to be audited periodically (minimum bi-annual) by a person agreed upon by the Executive. 
Article 12:     Annual General Meeting
12.1     The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be the consideration of committee reports, the election of officers, budget and other such business that may arise. 
12.2     At least four (4) weeks notice shall be given in writing to members of all Annual General Meetings which must include a business agenda and any motions to be stated a the A.G.M.
12.3     All members of the Association are entitled to attend the Annual General Meetings and to speak to any motion or address the chair,  present or second motions and vote.   
Article 13:     Parliamentary Procedure
31.1     Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all points respecting the holding and conduct of meetings of the Association not covered otherwise in these By-laws. 
Article 14:     Amending the Memorandum of Association and By-Laws
14.1     The Memorandum of Association and By-laws may be amended at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Association,  provided that due notice of the proposed amendment has been circulated  o members at least four (4) weeks prior to the meeting.  
Article 15:     PEIHSF OR Provincial Meetings
15.1     As a member of the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation, the Association is eligible to send five voting delegates to two provincial meetings, Semi-Annual and Annual.  Associations may pay registration and travel expenses for these delegates. 
Article 16:     Dissolution
16.1     If this Association desires to disband, it shall notify the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation by letter, addressed to the President,  giving reasons, at least sixty days before taking further action. 
16.2      Upon disbanding , the books of the Association shall become the property of the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation . 
16.3     Any funds held by the Association at the time of disbanding will be given to the Association's school.
These By-Laws were adopted by a meeting of (parents) Home and School Association on the 13th day of  November 2008.



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