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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cookie Dough Campaign Prizes, Math Club Results

 Cookie Dough Prizes

Thank you to all family and friends of West Royalty School for supporting our Cookie Dough Campaign!

Prizes were delivered to students on Wednesday!

For those who have a late order, online sales will remain open until Monday.  Simply go to QSP.ca, enter our school name or code 3730223, and shop!

PRIZES WILL STILL BE EARNED.  Ice cream party will be announced later next week for those who sold 5 tubs.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the campaign!  All proceeds went to supporting homeroom teachers wish list items and new gym equipment!

Math Club

We are please with the results of the 4th Caribou Test.  Our students are excelling an having great results.

In the grade 3/4 test we had 5 students rank in the top 10 of the province.

Hani M.             1st
Keira M.            2nd
Emery W.          3rd
Gordon T.          4th
Lamar H.            9th

In the grade 5/6 test we had 4 students rank in the top 10 of the province.

Alex F.                 1st
Jannah M.           5th
Gwendolyn P.     7th
Ava H.                  10th

A job well done to all our participants and congratulations  to our ranked students!


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