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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Home and School Meeting Rescheduled, AGM and Parent Engagement

Make up date for the monthly Home and School meeting will be held tomorrow evening, Thursday March 16th at 6:30 in the staff room

Topics of discussion will include the proposed resolutions that will be presented on April 8ths AGM. The resolutions can be viewed online at http://peihsf.ca/agm/resolutions.

Also, the deadline for registration for the AGM is coming to a close on March 27th.   Anyone is welcome to attend.  Those interested in attending, please contact Vanessa Ford by text or phone 902-213-6112.  She will need your name and email address.

Parent engagement night is scheduled to happen on March 28 from 7pm-8pm.  Constable Tim Keizer and Jason Mosher will be talking to parents about cyber safety and anti bullying.  A notice will be sent home for registration.


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