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Monday, February 13, 2017

Proposed School Change Recommendations for Colonel Gray & Charlottetown Rural Families of Schools

How does this affect West Royalty School Community?

The recent school review and reports with subsequent recommendations for change are lengthy. There are many details and data; some of which pertain to the West Royalty School community and some which do not. The Home & School has tried to collate the information that may affect the students and families of West Royalty.

Summary of proposed changes affecting West Royalty School:

a) Colonel Gray and Rural families of schools will be amalgamated to become one family.
b) Enrollment in a school within the amalgamated family will be determined by geographical zones.
c) The geographical zone that will feed West Royalty School has changed slightly.

  • An area near Brackley Beach (previously zoned for Parkdale) is now zoned for West Royalty.
  •  The area near Orchard Hill and Lewis Point Parks (previously dual-zoned for West Royalty/West Kent) is now zoned for Spring Park School.
d) Students that are currently attending West Royalty from outside this new zone may be required to
attend the school for which they are properly zoned, despite previous approval to attend a school
e) Intermediate and Senior high school enrollment will be determined by geographical zone and not
the elementary school that a student attended.

  • Most of those in the proposed West Royalty zone would be zoned for Queen Charlotte, while a small portion would be zoned for Stone Park.
  • The geographical zones for the two high schools have not yet changed. The recommendation is to review this at a future date. The elementary or junior high school that is attended will not determine the high school that is attended; enrollment will be determined by geographical zone.
f) French Immersion (K-6) program will be added to West Royalty.
An important note:

As with any change, these potential changes for West Royalty School bring uncertainty. Uncertainty can
bring worry for some. A reminder to parents is that these are proposed changes; nothing is final yet.
Discussion with students should be left until any decisions are final to avoid undue stress or anxiety for
any student. However, if any parent feels their child needs support, a great resource is our guidance
counselor. Please reach out to Wendy Gallant at any time during this school review & school change

Opportunities for your voice to be heard:

Please see the Better Learning For All website for more information about the review process and
The Public Schools Branch (PSB) Board of Directors would like to hear if you agree with any
recommendations and why; if you disagree with any recommendations and why; and/or if you see
challenges with any recommendations and how those challenges may be overcome. All submissions will
be reviewed by the PSB Board of Directors.
- Submit an online response on the Better Learning For All website. Note that online submissions
may be done anonymously, if so wished.
- Questions, information requests, and/or feedback on recommendations may be directed to:
psb-input@edu.pe.ca or calling Carlene Grigg (PSB Leadership Team) at 902-432-2678.
If you have questions about school zones, the review process, or the draft recommendations:
- Contact Bob Andrews: rgandrews@edu.pe.ca or 902-368-5868
Feedback is accepted via any method for 60 days beginning Jan 11, 2017.

Moving forward from here:

The Home & School and the school administration are working to clarify uncertainties within these
proposed recommendations. Everyone in the school community will be affected in some way by any
school change. Some current students/teachers may leave, some may join, and those who remain will see
some of their classmates/colleagues leave, new people come in, and other changes within the school. We
will work together as a school family to effectively manage any transitions that may come.
Please connect with the Home & School Association with any questions, concerns, or ideas on any
issue. Our email address is: westroyaltyhs@gmail.com.

Information on current Public Schools Branch (PSB) policy and practice pertaining to school zones:
Current Zoning Policy (Board Governance Policy GP 12 - Establishment of School Attendance Zones):
Current Student Transfer Policy (Operational Procedure 401.1 Student Transfer Procedure):
*Please note that section 4.4 states “In the event of reconfiguration of school attendance zones, parents are required
to reapply for a student transfer request.”
*Please note that, at this time, all transfer requests are being held until after the PSB Board of Directors makes a
final decision on the recommendations.

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