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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Walk to School Day - October 5th

We are just one week away from International Walk to School Day! For many parents, the car has become the main means of transporting children to and from school. The result has been a gradual decrease in the numbers of children walking and wheeling to and from school on a regular basis.

International Walk to School Day promotes: increasing daily physical activity, improving safety, enhancing the environment, reducing levels of crime, developing community cohesion, promoting social interaction and reducing traffic congestion, pollution and speed near schools.

Join us on Wednesday, October 5th (Rain date: 6th). We are hoping to have groups leaving from 3 locations this year. If you are available to volunteer at one of the following, or if you want to form a group of your own, please let us know:  Designated spots of departure are West Royalty Community centre,  West Royalty Soccer Field (Lower Malpeque Road), Parricus Mead subdivision. Leaving at 7:40am.  As with all school outings a valid criminal record check is required.

Groups usually meet at around 7:40 am and walk to school together. We still need a chairperson and volunteers at the starting locations.  The more the better! If you can help or want more information, contact westroyaltyhs@gmail.com.


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