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Friday, January 29, 2016

Family Of Schools District Advisory Council

It has been decided that the advisory council will hold their first meeting on February 18.
The advisory council's mandate is to help shape an education system that meets and is focused on the needs of learners by advising the Minister of Education, Early Learning  and Culture on education matters.
We, the representatives, are  asked to reach out our school community to help in identifying pressing issues that are relevant to our school. We will bring forth these issues in discussion groups around specific areas such as standards, assessments, curriculum and instruction, technology and learning, learning environments etc.
Our DAC representative is Vanessa Ford. We encourage you to step forward and voice your opinion on what matters to you. You can reach Vanessa via email at vanessaeford@hotmail.com or by telephone at (902)213-6112. We will also be opening this discussion at our next Home and School meeting held February 9th at 6:30 pm in the staff room. All are welcome to attend and are encouraged to get involved
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Your Home and School Executives

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  1. These councils are very helpful and it helps boards to decide easily on important matters. To make it clear, South Creek University has a very strong advisory board which assists on its important matters.