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Thursday, September 11, 2014

H&S Update - September 11, 2014

Magazine Campaign
Attention Parents! It has come to our attention that two access codes were sent home - one correct and one missing a number. The number on the envelopes are incorrect, the flyer is correct!.  The correct Access Code has seven digits - 3730223. If you forget or have already sold magazines with the incorrect access code, do not worry! This will be corrected on Magazine Count Night! Have a good day and happy selling, shopping...and soon reading!

Leadership Training for Home and School Volunteers 
Rather than holding centralized training workshops for local Home and School volunteers this year, the PEI Home & School Federation has decided to offer individualized training and support as needed. So, if you would like to have training or a refresher session please contact the Executive at westroyaltyhs@gmail.com. If we get enough interest, we will arrange for a session for West Royalty volunteers.

English Language School Board Strategic Plan
In August, the English Language School Board released its Strategic Plan for Student Achievement 2013-2017. The long-term mission is to improve post-graduation options of graduates by enhancing their academic profiles. This document covers the first of two strategic planning periods to achieve this goal. Click here to review the plan.

Your H&S Executive

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