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Monday, June 9, 2014

2013-14 - The Year In Review

Another school year is drawing to a close... our last Home & School meeting of the year is Tuesday, June 10th at 6:30 pm in the staff room.

AND so it is time for us to send out a huge THANK YOU!! Thank you to our wonderful staff at West Royalty School! Thank you to our willing, supportive parents who help out with our many activities. With everyone pitching in, we have had an exceptionally busy and successful year... see for yourself!

2013-14 Year in Review...

Co-Presidents: Janice Murphy and Denise Bulger 
Vice President: Cathy Nabuurs 
Secretary: Shawna MacDonald-Wong 
Treasurer: Colleen Henderson 
Magazine Fundraising Campaign – September-October 
Tree Plant in Acadian Forest – September 21st 
Walking School Bus – October 23rd 
Halloween Dance – October 25th 
Christmas Family - December 
Teacher Appreciation Week – February 10th-14th 
Spring Fling – April 26th 
Spring Fun Day – June 23rd 
Green Space – Fall and Spring 
Grade 6 Fundraising – Year Round 
Healthy Snack – Year Round

Meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm and conclude by 8 pm. There are a variety of topics discussed at each meeting. We follow a set agenda, with updates from the principal and committee chairs, which helps to keep the meetings on track. We may not break any attendance records, but we have a dedicated group of volunteers to call on whenever we need them! At our April 8th meeting, we had a presentation from Laura Brake, Mathematics Achievement Specialist with the PEI Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, on provincial math assessments.

Participation in Provincial Meetings and Letter Writing: 
  • Training Workshops for Leadership and Treasurer 
  • Semi-Annual Meeting of PEI Home and School Federation (PEIHSF)
  • Consultation with English Language School Board Trustees/Superintendent 
  • Letter written to Cynthia Fleet, Superintendent of the English Language School Board, and Alan McIsaac, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, to express our concern that West Royalty School is running over the capacity for which it was built
  • Annual General Meeting of PEIHSF

Parent Engagement Sessions: 
With funding support from the PEIHSF Parent Leadership Grant, we were able to host 2 information sessions this year:
  1. An information session on bullying with Dr. Jacqueline Goodwin on January 28th. The majority of the funding received from PEIHSF was used to add to our parent resource library, as well as provide resources for the classrooms / library about bullying. Click here for a list of the books.
  2. An information session on April 15th with Jennifer Cairns-Burke, Coordinator of Prevention, Education and Early Intervention with Addictions PEI, to assist parents in starting a conversation around drugs and alcohol. Resource books related to addiction were purchased with the funds and are available to be borrowed through the school library. Click here for a list of the books.

The Home & School has one primary fundraiser each year - the Magazine Campaign through QSP (use our Group # 11843 to support our school all through the year). We also were able to secure some funding through the Guardian's Literacy Grant. The principal provided the executive with a Wish List of items for consideration. Items approved included: replacement of an ‘antique’ laminator, headphones, literacy resources, resources for every classroom including specialist classes (Phys. Ed., music, French, guidance and the library). Here is a sampling of the cards we received from some of the classes to say Thank You!

One big project that the Home and School has contributed to for many years is the Acadian Reforestation Project underway on the South end of the property. An Acadian forest is being developed with guidance from MacPhails. It is a great learning opportunity for the children, and someday, there will be a mature forest on the property for all members of the community to enjoy. Many members of school community participated in a tree planting on September 21st in partnership with TD... we even made The Guardian

The 2012-13 executive were successful in obtaining funds under the small grant program for the 2014 celebrations. Under the artistic direction of Maurice Bernard, 220 students in grades 4-6 created an art montage depicting the Slaymaker and Nichols’ Olympic Circus that has now become a permanent display at the school. The project gave teachers the opportunity to discuss the historical elements of 1864 from the perspective of a child. What was it like to be a child then? What did they eat, wear, and play with? How does that differ from a child’s life in 2014? The project has left a legacy for future students to enjoy and will be used for many years as a teaching aid for the historical significance of 1864. 

As you can see, it's been a busy year at West Royalty School... and we couldn't have done it without you!!

All the best for a wonderful summer... We look forward to seeing you next year!

Your H&S Executive
Denise, Janice, Cathy, Colleen and Shawna

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