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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week - February 9 - 15, 2014

The 26th National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is celebrated by the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation and local Home and School Associations to encourage all parents, students and the wider community to recognize the important contributions, both personal and professional, of teachers and school staff to the lives of children and their education.

Every school has dedicated teachers and school staff members, such as administrative assistants, educational assistants, guidance counselors, custodians and bus drivers. Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week lets them know that they are appreciated; that we want to work with them and that we are on the same team.

National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week was started in 1988 by the Canadian Home and School Federation. It is a way to give parents and others concerned with children and their education the opportunity to join in nation-wide demonstrations of support for Canada's schools and their teachers and other staff members.

Home and School Association members know that, to foster a positive learning environment and excellence in education, it is essential that competent and caring educators have the support and involvement of parents and community.

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