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Friday, January 24, 2014


CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI -- Families are encouraged to take time to read with their children on Family Literacy Day and every day throughout the year, says Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Alan McIsaac.

“Reading together for just 15 minutes every day will help foster a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge,” said Minister McIsaac. “Family literacy has a powerful influence on a child’s ability to learn. When families encourage literacy in the home, they are preparing their children for success in the classroom. By making learning to read fun and entertaining, children will develop the confidence needed to succeed.”

Minister McIsaac joined the PEI Literacy Alliance in officially proclaiming January 27, 2014, as Family Literacy Day in Prince Edward Island. This national celebration takes place annually to encourage families to participate in literacy activities together. The theme for Family Literacy Day celebrations is 15 Minutes of Fun. Reading and learning together for just 15 minutes a day provides great benefits for children and parents.  
“Learning as a family is rewarding in so many ways,” said Amanda Beazley, program coordinator with the PEI Literacy Alliance. “It’s quality and memorable time spent together. Family literacy isn’t just about reading. It can be singing, dancing, creating art, playing games or having a good chat at mealtimes.”

There are many different ways to incorporate family literacy into your daily routine. Learning can happen everywhere. Here are some great examples:
•    Write a joke book with your family.
•    Read a bedtime story to the grown-up putting you to bed.
•    Make up a new recipe together and post it online.
•    Tell knock-knock jokes together while doing the dishes.
•    Organize a book swap at your school.
•    Make up riddles and tell them to your friends.
•    Create a family book club.
•    Build a drum with your family.
•    Surf the Internet and learn about your favourite animal.
•    Make up a song about your day to sing to your family at dinnertime.
•    Write messages to your family on sticky notes and post them around the house.
•    Create a story about what you’ll be doing for Family Literacy Day.
•    Play a board game together.
•    Build an acrostic poem using your hero’s name.
•    Make an origami boat and see if it will float.

For more details on Family Literacy activities, please visit the PEI Literacy Alliance website at www.pei.literacy.ca or the national website at www.abclifeliteracy.ca. For more information on the PEI Public Library Service, visit www.library.pe.ca.


PLEASE NOTE: Communications PEI's multimedia team has created another great video about the importance of Family Literacy Day. Watch the video here:

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