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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Math Night a SUCCESS!

On Tuesday, May 15, 2012, West Royalty Home and School held a successful math night through the Parent Engagement Initiative.  The focus was on the "new math" for grades 3-6.

Through this presentation we learned that Prince Edward Island’s new math is following the same curriculum as the rest of Canada.  Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia are the last of the provinces to adopt this curriculum.

The "new math" emphasizes an understanding of concepts, encourages students to work together to discuss how to solve a problem with guidance from teachers and teaches the students to apply the mathematics they know to develop new skills through examinations and questions.

Discussions focused on how I might support my child in:
Communicating mathematically
Mental mathematics
Using manipulative
Personal strategies
Having a positive attitude toward math

Following the information and example portion of the presentation, parents tried a math game, asked questions and were given three valuable websites that promoted math skills while having fun.

Every math outcome in each grade level is linked to interactive games

Tons of interactive games for kids to play

A nice interactive math dictionary for kids

Thank you to everyone that made this event a success and we look forward to learning new things through the Parent Engagement Initiative in the new school year.

Your H&S Executive

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