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Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19th Update


Can you believe we’re heading toward the end of November already? Where did the time go? If any of you had the opportunity to be at the school for the Remembrance Day assembly, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it was a touching celebration of remembrance. It’s a great conversation started to help the children understand why November 11th is so very special for us.

At the November Home and School Meeting, we were fortunate to have Eric from MacPhail’s present to those in attendance about the Acadian Forest Project at West Royalty Elementary. Our beautiful island was once mostly covered with dense Acadian forest, but with people and modernization, came the need to clear land. Did you know that in the early days of West Royalty Elementary, the land surrounding the school was being put forth for re-zoning to become part of the industrial park. The Home and School negotiated with the government to secure the land to the south of the school and arranged for the Eastern School District to purchase it for $1. Part of that negotiation was a promise to develop a natural space. A partnership with MacPhail’s ‘blossomed’.  Over the years, many tree plantings have occurred. The H&S has been a financial supporter of the project. Recently, through a partnership with TD, members of the H&S executive participated in a 100+ tree plant. The students have been actively involved in planting trees, growing trees from seeds, and watching the ecosystem transform in the lower field between the school and by-pass highway. You will notice that a path has been carved through the area. Many small mammals and birds now call this area home. One day, this will be an Acadian Forest with an outdoor classroom. For further information on Macphail’s, visit their website at: http://www.macphailwoods.org/

Denise Bulger, President

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