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Monday, November 19, 2018

Home and School Meeting, Book fair, Parent Teacher interviews, Math Club, School Fridges

Home and School Meeting

The Home and School Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, November 20th at 6:00. On the  agenda will be items to be purchased for the school from the fundraising campaign.

Book fair

Book fair is going in this week at school. The classes will make their purchases Wednesday and Thursday.  Parents can come by Thursday evening and Friday Morning if they would like to make purchases.

Parent Teacher interviews

 Parent Teacher interviews this week.  There will be no classes on Friday.

Math Club

Math Club began in early October.  We currently have 18 student in Gr 3/4 group. In the Gr. 5/6  group we 14 students.

We have  written our first Caribou Math Contest in October and the students did really well. Worldwide close to 7,300 grade 3/4 students and 11,000 grade 5/6 students participated

In the October Gr. 3/4 we had 2 students rank in the top 10 of the province.

Hani M. 1st
Keira M. 2nd

In the Gr. 5/6 we had 1 student rank in the top 10 of the province.

Nate M. 10th.

Congratulations Math Club students job well done.

The mini fridges found in each wing are stocked and fully functional.  They were a great success last year and  are being well used again. We keep an assortment of snacks, apples, carrots, bagels, croissants etc., on hand for students who are hungry whatever the reason.

The Healthy Snack I initiative is active again.  It has served apples in September and grapes and cheese in October.  Thank you to our coordinator Gillian Scantlebury and her volunteers for a job well done.  If you would be interested in volunteering please contact us.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

QSP Fall Fund Raising Campaign

 QSP Fall Fund Raising Campaign

Hello all, 

Our QSP Fall Fund Raising campaign is all wrapped up.  Items will be coming home Tuesday. 

Thank you to everyone for your support!